Video call sessions

Zoe is able to provide teleconferencing sessions.

The video call is accessed via Chrome, Edge, Chromium, Safari (on Mac) and Firefox. Please try a test call and access the video platform here: Big Sky Psychology Video Call

Benefits of video call sessions

Video call psychology sessions have the benefits of providing streamlined access to professional support anywhere and at any time. Tele-psychology sessions are most effective and can be as therapeutic as face to face sessions when they are set up in optimal conditions which includes:

  • Having access to a chair, table space, front lit lighting, headphones with microphone and a charged computer or ipad.
  • Checking your internet connection. Video call services usually need a higher upload speed for effective streamlined video calls. You can do this via
  • Have you tested the video call system?
  • Do you have a private and quiet section of your home?
  • Wearing headphones with a microphone vastly improves sound quality and reduces external sounds.
  • No eating or drinking is encouraged (other than water, coffee, tea)
  • There are some concerns that are best addressed in person including higher risk concerns that may need to be address by other services.


If you live in a remote or very remote area (classified as Modified Monash Model 4-7) you may be eligible for the medicare benefits scheme sessions, which are rebated at the Clinical Psychology rate of $126.50. The MMM classification model can be obtained on the Doctor Connect website:

Bush fire effected clients as well as clients effected by the Corona Virus may also be eligible for telehealth medicare item rebates.

Please discuss with Zoe whether you are eligible to meet these criteria for rebated telehealth sessions.